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Training Developers Classroom Course (Tdc)

ICAO Trainair Plus Trainings - A07D068 - Sınıf Eğitimi

Training Developers Classroom Course (Tdc)
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After having successfully completed the course, the trainees will be able
to identify the TRAINAIR PLUS training development methodological
standards to:
• analyze training needs and choose strategies;
• analyze jobs and target populations;
• determine training objectives;
• sequence objectives and group them into modules;
• prepare and validate tests;
• design modules;
• produce and validate training material; and
• assist in On the Job Training planning and monitoring.
The training is most beneficial for: • experienced civil aviation training instructors and aviation professionals who are dedicated to the implementation of competency-based training programmes and development of courses with international standards; and • training managers, supervisors and professionals who wish to increase their productivity as developers of training and educational programmes.
  • Experience in one or more civil aviation fields or in human resources development and training;
  • Experience in the preparation of a wide range of training aids and their effective incorporation into a training programme (desirable);
  • Computer skills using contemporary software programmes; and
  • Good oral and written command of the language of instruction.