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English for E-Mails

Genel Dil Eğitimleri - A05B001 - Blended (E-Learning + Sınıf Eğitimi)

English for E-Mails
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1. Pre-Assessment Exam

2. Introduction to E-mails -To/CC/BCC -Formal, Semi Formal and Informal E-mails -E-mail Structur

3. Reason for Writing -Making a Request -Replying to a Request -To Make a Point -Offering Help/Giving Information -Complaining -Apologizing

4. Miscellaneous -Arranging an Appointment -Attaching Files 

5. Ending -Closing -Out of Office E-mails -E-mail Signature Blocks -Some Useful Tips for Effective E-mail Writing -Acronyms and Abbreviations

6. Post-Assessment Exam

Personnel communicating in English via e-mail
Minimum 6 participants