Professional Skills For DGR Instructors - Categorıes 1,2,3,6

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Professional Skills For DGR Instructors - Categorıes 1,2,3,6

This course focuses on techniques and strategies to plan a robust dangerous goods training program. You will learn how to develop a training session, impart learning through active learning, sequence learning activities to ensure an effective mix and flow, and conclude a training session with an emphasis on knowledge transfer so you can apply the learning back on the job. You will practice a variety of core techniques to lead adult learning, instructional design, and facilitation techniques. In addition, ample opportunity will be available to apply these techniques and strategies during the course.

This course is a step toward earning an IATA Diploma in:

5 gün (5x8 saat)

 2561 USD (KDV Dahil)

  • Understanding and applying adult learning theory
  • Leveraging adult learner differences
  • Mastering instructional planning
  • Producing structured lesson plan
  • Instructional method and learning outcomes
  • Designing effective examination
  • Mastering facilitation techniques
  • First day of class strategies
  • Mastering media and visual aids
  • Classroom management
  • A mandatory Dangerous Goods Regulations exam will be given to assess technical competence on category 6

Please come prepared with the following materials:

Calculator:This course involves calculation exercise

Laptop: You will create a teaching portfolio as a class project

Hedef Kitle:

Dangerous Goods instructors for category 1, 2, 3 and 6 as per Table 1.5.A of the IATA DGR

Instructional designers responsible to develop DGR training program for all categories

Airlines training specialists and instructional designers for categories 5, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 might be interested in attending IATA's Dangerous Goods Instructional Techniques course

Otorite Onayı:

Ön Şartlar:
Participant should hold a valid DGR certificate for category 6 at the time of registration and have (strongly recommended to have a robust background and accumulation of experience) at least 5 years working knowledge and experience in hazardous materials and safety operations or cargo operations. Speak, write and understand English at a functional level