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Passenger Proration - Fundamentals

IATA Trainings - A06D525 - Sınıf Eğitimi

Passenger Proration - Fundamentals
  • Konular
  • Hedef Kitle
  • Otorite Onayı
  • Ön Şartlar
  • Gerekli Belgeler
  • Kritik Bilgiler

Review prorate factors and base amounts, according to the Prorate Manual – Part 2

·         Article F of the Multilateral Proration Agreement (MPA)

Determine the amount to be prorated

·         Applicable fares

·         Currency conversion for passenger billings

·         Surcharge/differential

Analyze proration details

·         Passenger tickets

·         Correct prorate value

·         Sector not travelled by air

·         Change of carrying airline

·         Excess baggage tickets

Examine provisos rules

·         What is a proviso

·         Presentation of a proviso

• Managers, supervisors and officers of proration, passenger sales, interline billings/rejections and disputes • Marketing, sales, pricing managers and officers • Revenue managers • Yield and tariff analysts • Internal auditors
There are no prerequisites for this course