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ICAO Government Safety Inspector Operations-Air Operator Certification Course (GSI-OPS-18700)

ICAO Trainair Plus Trainings - A07D049 - Sınıf Eğitimi

ICAO Government Safety Inspector Operations-Air Operator Certification Course (GSI-OPS-18700)
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Upon successful completion of this course, participants will be able to:
• evaluate a prospective Operator’s Pre-Assessment Statement Form;
• identify Pre-Application Meeting Objectives;
• review a “mock” Approved Maintenance Organization (AMO) formal application
and identify formal application meeting objectives;
• evaluate portions of an applicant’s Maintenance Procedures Manuals (MPM)
and identify unacceptable errors;
• evaluate an applicant’s training curriculum and determine if initial approval
can be granted;
• evaluate the results of a main base inspection and determine inspector actions;
• complete a “mock” AMO certificate and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
and identify items that must be included in the certification report;
• evaluate narrative and reference statements;
• evaluate an excerpt from a mock operator’s Maintenance Control Manual;
• evaluate a “mock” operator’s proposed Minimum Equipment List (MEL) and
identify Configuration Design Limitations (CDL);
• evaluate an inspection report from a “mock” operator’s conformity inspection;
• identify recommendations involving inspector observations/reports of
demonstration flights; and
• complete a “mock” operator’s certificate and SOPs and identify items to include
in the certification report.
The training is designed for airworthiness inspectors who meet requirements for an Aircraft Maintenance Engineers/Technicians/ Mechanics (AME) License as specified in Annex 1, paragraph, with at least five years’ experience in the airworthiness field.