ICAO Government Safety Inspector Operations-Air Operator Certification Course (GSI-OPS-18700)

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ICAO Government Safety Inspector Operations-Air Operator Certification Course (GSI-OPS-18700)
This course covers the basic concepts and steps involved in certifi cating an approved maintenance organization and an air transport operator. Participants will be taught the five-phase certification process based upon ICAO Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs) and Model Civil Aviation Regulations (MCARs). Part One covers Approved Maintenance Organization (AMO) Certification and Part Two covers Air Transport Operator Certification (AOC). During the course, participants will follow a “mock” maintenance organization and then a mock operator seeking certification throughout each phase of the certification process. Exercises will be conducted in which participants must evaluate excerpts of “mock” maintenance organizations and operator’s manuals. Participant exercises will also provide practice in evaluating observations of the maintenance organization’s and the operator’s demonstrations to ensure compliance with the MCARs and advisory material.

13 gün (13x8 saat)

Upon successful completion of this course, participants will be able to:
• evaluate a prospective Operator’s Pre-Assessment Statement Form;
• identify Pre-Application Meeting Objectives;
• review a “mock” Approved Maintenance Organization (AMO) formal application
and identify formal application meeting objectives;
• evaluate portions of an applicant’s Maintenance Procedures Manuals (MPM)
and identify unacceptable errors;
• evaluate an applicant’s training curriculum and determine if initial approval
can be granted;
• evaluate the results of a main base inspection and determine inspector actions;
• complete a “mock” AMO certificate and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
and identify items that must be included in the certification report;
• evaluate narrative and reference statements;
• evaluate an excerpt from a mock operator’s Maintenance Control Manual;
• evaluate a “mock” operator’s proposed Minimum Equipment List (MEL) and
identify Configuration Design Limitations (CDL);
• evaluate an inspection report from a “mock” operator’s conformity inspection;
• identify recommendations involving inspector observations/reports of
demonstration flights; and
• complete a “mock” operator’s certificate and SOPs and identify items to include
in the certification report.

Hedef Kitle:
The training is designed for airworthiness inspectors who meet requirements for an Aircraft Maintenance Engineers/Technicians/ Mechanics (AME) License as specified in Annex 1, paragraph, with at least five years’ experience in the airworthiness field.

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