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Aviation English Language Solution - Training

IATA Trainings - A06D588 - Sınıf Eğitimi

Aviation English Language Solution - Training
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Training modules are tailored to reflect the Pilot and Air Traffic Controller work environment. Effective English-language communication is taught through repetition during a variety of realistic scenarios, covering regular operations, irregular operations and emergency situations. Standard ICAO phraseology is used whenever applicable.The IATA-Berlitz training programs follow the Berlitz Method TM, which focuses on teaching a language through speaking. Learners are taught to think in English rather than translate from their mother tongue. Berlitz Languages, Inc. is a world-renowned language service provider with over 400 training centers in 60 countries. The unique Berlitz Method TM is highly effective because it is: Fast Context-based Conducted in the target language only Broken down into attainable building blocks Designed to maximize student participation This is a sample of the program for Level 3 Pilots and Air Traffic Controllers: Module 1 – Geography Module 2 - Meteorological Conditions Module 3 - Aircraft Maintenance Module 4 - Cargo and Dangerous Goods Module 5 - Flight Planning Module 6 – Departure Module 7 - En Route Module 8 - Flight Safety and Security Module 9 - First Aid and Medical Assistance Module 10 - Descent, Approach and Landing Each module includes:Topical vocabulary and vocabulary exercises Communicative functions Pronunciation tips Listening comprehension Role play and skits Application in the cockpit, control room or tower Topical reading and discussion Related words and expressions Interesting facts, word origins Review
ICAO Level 4 proficiency is a requirement for:Airline, charter, private and other fixed-wing and helicopter pilots who fly internationally Air Traffic Control Officers (ATCOs) and assistants Anyone using air-ground voice communications for international air operations


There are no prerequisites for this course