Airport Slots and Coordination

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Airport Slots and Coordination
Due to the growth of air traffic some airports are experiencing a discrepancy between available airport capacity and demand. Coordination involves the allocation of constrained or limited airport capacity to airlines and other aircraft operators to ensure a viable airport and air transport operation. Coordination is also a process to maximize the efficient use of airport infrastructure.This course will help you learn how to allocate and coordinate airport slots by applying IATA s Worldwide Slot Guidelines (WSG), the accepted global standard for the policies, principles, and procedures of airport slot management. Learn how to apply the standard communication procedures from IATA s Standard Schedules Information Manual (SSIM) to messages between airlines and slot coordinators.

3 gün (3x8 saat)


IATA Worldwide Slot Guidelines

Principles of slot allocation

Policy, demand and capacity

Process of airport coordination

Airport levels and their procedures

International rules and regulations

Capacity constraints and the slot process

Complaints and rights of appeal

SSIM Chapter 6

Slot monitoring and coordination procedures

Slot Historic List (SHL)

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This course is recommended for: • Airline slot managers and network staff • Airport slot coordination staff • Civil aviation staff • Handling agents • Airport staff

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Participants should have a basic understanding of airline operations