Aircraft Acquisition and Financing

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Aircraft Acquisition and Financing
Before making the right decision, you need to know your options. This course introduces you to the key leasing and financing schemes available for the purchase and operation of aircraft, including straight purchases, secured loans, and government / manufacturer assistance. You will also learn how to maximize the efficiency, cost effectiveness and compliance of your lease agreements through new strategies for structuring and negotiation.

5 gün (5x8 saat)

 2561 USD (KDV Dahil)


Fleet and financial planning and implementation

·         Introduction to aircraft financing

·         Fleet planning

·         Residual value planning

·         World finance market and MENA

Types of financing

·         Cross border structure

·         The leasing market

·         Export credit and EXIM finance

·         Security and loan agreements

Aircraft leasing and risk management

·         Lease agreements

·         Boilerplate agreements

·         LOI exercise

·         Risk management

·         Insurance

Risk management, ownership, title and security and air law

·         Aircraft registration

·         Tax and detention risks

·         Air law

·         Repossession


Hedef Kitle:
• Legal counsel and advisors • Fleet trading managers • Leasing and insurance analysts • Bankers, engineers and governmental representatives

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There are no prerequisites for this course