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Fatigue Risk Management Systems (FRMS)

IATA Trainings - A06D182 - Classroom Training

Fatigue Risk Management Systems (FRMS)
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Description of a Fatigue Risk Management System Comparison with the traditional methods of air crew fatigue risk management The benefits of introducing FRMS Lessons from science: sleep science; circadian rhythms; shift work; jet lag; the use of bio-mathematical models; measuring crew member fatigue FRMS policy and documentation including numerous examples of FRMS policy statements The steps in Fatigue Risk Management Processes FRMS Safety Assurance Processes FRMS promotion including Training Programs FRMS Implementation How to build the culture of trust for a collaborative approach to FRMS implementation EASA regulations and applications Reference material: Fatigue Management Guide for Airline Operators, 2nd Edition, 2015; ICAO Annex 6, Parts 1 and II; ICAO Annex 19; ICAO Doc 9966 Manual for the Oversight of Fatigue Management Approaches; ICAO Doc 9859 SMM Activities Case studies and examples
Air Crew Airline Operations Managers Safety Managers from Airlines and Civil Aviation Authorities
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