How can I get to the Academy?

The Academy is located at Gate B of Atatürk Airport which is only 200 metres from the airport entrance. If you travel by car and take the E5 or TEM Highways, follow the route to the airport, turn right at the exit opposite the Shell Gas Station and keep driving to pass Gate B and the bus parking area. You will see the Academy located on the left. If you take the metrobus, the nearest stations are Sefaköy and Yenibosna. Alternatively IETT bus line 96T also goes to airport. The closest bus stop to the Academy is Atatürk Airport. Another means of transport is the Metro, which runs directly to the Airport as well.

How can I get to the Civil Aviation Academy?

The Civil Aviation Academy is located behind the General Directorate of Turkish Airlines Building. You can access the academy on foot from the General Directorate of Turkish Airlines via a dedicated pathway.

Where will the trainings be held?

Trainings that are conducted by Turkish Aviation Academy are held at room numbers beginning with 100, 300 and 500. For detailed information please contact Customer Relations Office at the Academy located in room 514 (extension 10800). The trainings at the Directorate General of Civil Aviation are given in rooms that begin with 200. You can also contact their Customer Relations Office located on the first floor of Directorate General of Civil Aviation.

How can I get information about the content of the courses?

You can get information about the content of the courses via or contacting (212) 463 63 63 / 11900.

How can I get my participation certificate?

You can receive further information about all certificates that you are entitled to receive from Turkish Aviation Academy via or calling (212) 463 63 63 / 10800.

I lost my certificate. How can I request a replacement certificate?

Provided that you have an existing certificate in the system, you can get a new certificate by sending an e-mail to or by calling (212) 463 63 63 / 10800. (Lost certificate renewal fee is 75 TL).

How can I connect to WIFI?

In order to connect to TKAcademy Wifi Network; 1) Select TKAcademy on Wifi Connection menu. 2) On the pop-up window; if you are a TK staff member, enter your company ID number starting with zero; if you are not a TK staff member, enter your assigned ID number starting with M in “KursiyerID” box. (You can find out your ID number from attendee list on the tablet at the door of your classroom, or Training attendance list.) 3) After filling out the attendee ID info, select “Şifremi Gönder” option. 4) If you are a TK staff member, the password will be sent to your company e-mail address, if you are not a TK staff member, it will be sent to the e-mail address that you gave while enrolling for the Training. (You can verify your e-mail address on the Training attendance list.) If you think that the password was not delivered to your e-mail address, please check your junk mail box too. 5) Enter the password in “Şifre” box and click “Giriş” button. After you click “Giriş” button, “Giriş Yapıldı” tab will open. Do not close this tab. To leave the page safely, click “Çıkış” button. After these steps, you can start using the internet.

Where can I eat?

You can enjoy free lunch at the cafeteria located behind Turkish Aviation Academy between 12:00 pm-1:00 pm. After exiting the Academy building turn right and follow the footpath to access the cafeteria. If you are not a personnel of Turkish Airlines, enter the turnstiles located on the left side of the cafeteria and sign the list which will have your name on it. There is also a canteen on the floor where room numbers beginning with 200 are located. You can purchase food and drinks from the canteen for a fee. It is free to have tea or water from the arranged tables located near the classrooms. Click on the Plan for detailed information about getting to the lunch hall.

How can I go to the city center?

All trainees can utilize the shuttle services that are offered to Turkish Airlines personnel. The services cover a large area of İstanbul, including metrobus and sea ferry stations. The trainees whose accommodation is arranged by the Academy can use the transportation services of the hotel. Additionally, you can make use of the metro and bus (IETT) from Atatürk Airport, using an İstanbulkart.

How can I access E-learnings?

If you are a personnel of Turkish Airlines, you can access the home page of the portal via Here you can log in with your user name and password. If you are not a personnel of Turkish Airlines, you can access the system via On this page, you can log in with your pre-assigned user name and password.