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Aircraft Acquisition and Financing

Before making the right decision, you need to know your options. This course introduces you to the key leasing and financing schemes available for the purchase and operation of aircraft, including straight purchases, secured loans, and government / manufacturer assistance. You will also learn how to...

 2561 USD (VAT Included)

Airline Passenger Services

This course is prepared for the participants who work/aim to work for Passenger Services departments on behalf of the Company due to the regulations of International Air Transport Association (IATA) and the Company.

 1000 USD (VAT Included)

Araç Şoförleri için De-Icing/Anti-Icing

Araç Şoförlerinin De–Icing/Anti–Icing işlemleri hakkındaki temel ve genel bilgileri ile birlikte operasyon hakkındaki bilgilerini güncellemek.

 826 TRY (VAT Included)


Airlines’ or handling companies’ passenger services agents/supervisors, sales and traffic agents/supervisors who are working/or will work in the appropriate units pertaining to passenger services, staff of companies related with Civil Aviation or companies co-operating with training.

 200 USD (VAT Included)

De-Anti Icing (Recurrent) (ENG)

To update the fundamentals about the de-icing/anti-icing proceedings which is performed for a safe flight operation even under bad weather conditions (ice, snow, frost, etc.).

 400 USD (VAT Included)

De-Anti Icing (Tazeleme)

Uçakların kötü hava şartlarında dahi (buz, kar, don, vb.) güvenli uçuşu sağlayabilmesi adına gerçekleştirilen De-Icing/Anti-Icing işlemleri hakkında temel ve genel bilgilerin güncellemek.

 826 TRY (VAT Included)

Değer Yaratmak

Bu eğitim, katılımcılara bugünün rekabet dünyasında değer yaratmanın işletmeler için ifade ettiği önemi uygulamalar eşliğinde aktarmayı amaçlamaktadır.

 826 TRY (VAT Included)

Duygusal Zeka

Bu eğitimin amacı; iş ve ilişki yönetiminde duygusal zekâ ile ilgili bilgi ve beceri kazandırmaktır.

 413 TRY (VAT Included)

Emergency Planning And Response For Airlines

This course gives you the essential skills to take on a leadership role in an airline emergency response organization. Learn about the design, implementation and optimization of an Emergency Response Plan (ERP) according to industry practice and regulatory requirements. To ensure readiness and coope...

 2128 EUR (VAT Included)

Human Resources Management

Transform the human resources function to be an essential and effective partner in developing and executing your organizational strategy.

An IATA Certificate of Comple...

 1819 EUR (VAT Included)

Professional Skills For DGR Instructors - Categorıes 1,2,3,6

This course focuses on techniques and strategies to plan a robust dangerous goods training program. You will learn how to develop a training session, impart learning through active learning, sequence learning activities to ensure an effective mix and flow, and conclude a training session with a...

 2561 USD (VAT Included)

Safety Management Systems (SMS) - Implementation and Control

This practical course gives you the expertise to implement a successful Safety Management System (SMS) in your airline with the latest tools and processes.

Gain the skills to implement a phased and manageable workload that will allow you to comply with regulatory requirements. Learn how...

 1462 EUR (VAT Included)

Travel Documents

This course is prepared for the participants who aim to control internationally recognized travel documents properly under the regulations of the destined countries’ authorities. In this course passport, passport types, travel documents other than passport, visa, residence permits and all inspect po...

 400 USD (VAT Included)

Uluslararası Müzakere Teknikleri

Bu eğitim, uluslararası müzakereciliğin esaslarını, müzakere sürecinin başlıca unsurlarını ve müzakere stratejilerini tanıtmayı hedefleyen uygulamalı bir eğitimdir.

 1239 TRY (VAT Included)

Worldtracer Web Management (Recurrent) (ENG)

This course is prepared to refresh participants’ knowledge about lost, found and damaged baggage subjects according to WorldTracerWeb Management System.

 600 USD (VAT Included)

Worldtracer Web Management (Tazeleme)

Bu kurs; WorldTracerWeb Management Sistemine göre kayıp, bulunan ve hasarlı bagaj konularında katılımcıların bilgilerini tazelemek amacıyla tasarlanmıştır.

 1239 TRY (VAT Included)