Airline Passenger Services (Recurrent) (ENG)

This course is prepared to refresh the current informations by discussing the problems in practice and the transfer of new knowledge about passenger services.

Time: 2.5 day(s) 8 hour

 500 USD (VAT Included)

  • Airlines Agreements 
  • Ticket Exercises
  • Check-in Procedures
  • Transit/Transfer Passenger Procedures
  • Endorsement Procedures
  • Flight Interruption Manifest (FIM)
  • Scenarios Passenger Services Agent May Come Across
  • The Special Services Given in Case of Flight Irregularities
  • Passenger Baggage Rules and Acceptance
  • Excess Baggage Ticket, Rules and Acceptance
  • Sports Equipment Rules and Acceptance
  • Live Animals

Target Audience:
Staff who works in passenger services units for Turkish Airlines and Handling Companies which give services to Turkish Airlines and who has already passenger services certificate.

Authority Approval:
Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA)

A01D450 veya A01D550 Yolcu Hizmetleri Sertifikasına sahip olmalıdır.