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Airline Passenger Services

This course is prepared for the participants who work/aim to work for Passenger Services departments on behalf of the Company due to the regulations of International Air Transport Association (IATA) and the Company.

 1000 USD (VAT Included)


Airlines’ or handling companies’ passenger services agents/supervisors, sales and traffic agents/supervisors who are working/or will work in the appropriate units pertaining to passenger services, staff of companies related with Civil Aviation or companies co-operating with training.

 200 USD (VAT Included)

Travel Documents

This course is prepared for the participants who aim to control internationally recognized travel documents properly under the regulations of the destined countries’ authorities. In this course passport, passport types, travel documents other than passport, visa, residence permits and all inspect po...

 400 USD (VAT Included)

De-Anti Icing (Recurrent) (ENG)

To update the fundamentals about the de-icing/anti-icing proceedings which is performed for a safe flight operation even under bad weather conditions (ice, snow, frost, etc.).

 400 USD (VAT Included)

Worldtracer Web Management (Recurrent) (ENG)

This course is prepared to refresh participants’ knowledge about lost, found and damaged baggage subjects according to WorldTracerWeb Management System.

 600 USD (VAT Included)