Load Control and Balance (Supervision and Management) (ENG)

To train on flight safety, loading, weight and balance according to Civil Aviation Authorities and Turkish Airlines Regulations.

Time: 3 day(s) 8 hour

 600 USD (VAT Included)

  • Loading Principles
  • Loading Documents
  • Loading of Live Animal
  • Loading According to Door Size Limitations
  • Structural Loading Limitations
  • Introduction to AHM
  • Weight-Index Table and Calculations
  • Weight and Balance Sheet Examples (Bulk)
  • ULD Loading Documents 
  • Weight and Balance Sheet Examples (ULD)
  • Heating Specifications
  • Fuel and Ideal C.G. Limits
  • Last Minutes Changes (LMC) 
  • Messages

Target Audience:
Sales/traffic, load controller, supervisiors and managers who work at stations where load controller are provided by ground handling companies, staff who are working/or will work in the related departments pertaining to load control as found suitable by their managers.

Authority Approval:
Directorate of Civil Aviation (DGCA)

Participants must have Load Control and Balance 1 and Load Control and Balance 2.