Basic Civil Aviation Security (ENG)

To ensure all relevant security staff to implement pre-emptive security measures to safeguarding civil aviation against unlawful acts.

Time: 3 day(s) 7 hour

 600 USD (VAT Included)



  • Threats toward civil aviation and security measures

  • National and international documentation and organizations

  • Safeguarding airport perimeter

  • Safeguarding aircrafts

  • Functions and duties of security staff

  • Extraordinary and emergency situations

  • Airport introduction cards

  • Potentially disruptive passengers

  • Examination of vehicles

  • Prohibited and dangerous materials

  • Patrols-surveillance recording

  • Possible action plan

  • Profiling and passenger interview

  • Communication and listening skills

  • Body language and stress management

  • Passenger satisfaction

Target Audience:
Airport security staff (except for screening of cabin baggage/belongings of both personnel and passenger) who implement access control check to restricted areas and who are responsible for airport perimeter, patrolling, vehicle search and surveillance (watch, CCTV).

Authority Approval:
Directorate General of Civil Aviation (Turkish DGCA)

Clear security background check, according to TL.31.011 Eğitim Satış ve Pazarlama Talimatı and SHT-17.2 Rev.01 MD.6 (13), for those applying to this training from outside Turkish Airlines Inc.