Aircraft Private Security Service and Audits (Recurrent) (ENG)

To ensure security staff to comprehend basic principles of aviation security and to implement appropriate measures.

Time: 1 day(s) 7 hour

 200 USD (VAT Included)



  • Threats to civil aviation

  • Terrorism

  • National and international documentation

  • National and international organizations

  • Screening of personnel, cabin, hold baggage and belongings

  • Airport security

  • Procedures to be followed in security incidents

  • Dealing with potentially disruptive passengers

  • Supply security

  • Cleaning security

  • Cargo/mail security

  • Dangerous goods

  • Passenger interview and travel documents

  • Communication and body language

Target Audience:
Security staff working for companies of aircraft private security service and audits (aircraft security staff etc.)

Authority Approval:
Directorate General of Civil Aviation (Turkish DGCA)

To have successfully completed Aircraft Private Service and Audits (Initial). Clear security background check, according to TL.31.011 Eğitim Satış ve Pazarlama Talimatı and SHT-17.2 Rev.01 MD.6 (13), for those applying to this training from outside Turkish Airlines Inc.