In the classroom training, the content includes providing information to the participants in piloting and technical issues related to aircraft by experts in the aviation field (pilot, technical instructor, cabin trainer); making evaluations about the flight fears of participants in company with psychologist/psychiatrist. The objective is to conquer fear of flying by carrying out a virtual flight in cabin simulator with experts, and an actual flight that will take place the next day.

Program Objective:

Conquering the Fear of Flying

Target group:

Anyone who has fear of flying, and wants to overcome it.

Program Duration:

2 days (Saturday-Sunday)

Phases of the Training Programme:

1. Evaluation of the candidate applying to the programme

a. Psychological Evaluation

In order to firstly establish, within the framework of this process, the source of the uneasiness you are experiencing, customized evaluations are conducted by our expert psychologists and psychiatrists. The psychological or psychiatric main or subsidiary factors are determined and according to the level of discomfort these factors generate, the overcoming fear programme that is most suitable to you is recommended.

b. Medical Assessment

In this admittance process, whether you have any medical conditions (heart condition, high blood pressure, thyroid problems etc.) that could pose obstacles to flying will be determined. Should there be no problems preventing you from participating in out programme, your registration as a participant will be accepted.

2. Implementation of the Programme

Our expert psychologists / psychiatrists and trainers will be with you during each phase of the implementation of our programme and provide you with any support you may need. In addition, other team members will always be in touch with you.

a. Classroom Phase

In classroom practice, our experienced pilot, expert technical trainer and cabin instructor give information to the participants and answer the questions they are curious about.   

b. Virtual Flight Experience

In virtual flight practice, virtual flight experience is provided for the participants by means of imagination method in the cabin simulator (mock-up).

c. Real Flight Experience

At a date which is convenient for all participants, you will experience a real round trip flight to a predtermined destination accompained by our professional team.

Program Fee

Standard: 2.200 TL (Tax included)

Students: 1.550 TL (KDV included)

Retired person: 1.550 TL (KDV included)

Teacher: 1.550 TL (KDV included)

* Submission of current related documents for the student, teacher, and retired person is required.

2018 Year Program Dates

  • 17-18 November 2018
  • 15-16 December 2018

2019 Year Program Dates

  • 19-20 January 2019
  • 23-24 February 2019
  • 23-24 March 2019
  • 27-28 April 2019
  • 25-26 May 2019
  • 22-23 June 2019
  • 27-28 July 2019
  • 24-25 August 2019
  • 21-22 September 2019
  • 19-20 October 2019
  • 16-17 November 2019
  • 21-22 December 2019

For further information; Conquer Your Fear of Flying Program Catalogue

For further information; you can contact via aviationacademy@thy.com or telephone number of +90 (212) 463 63 63 Ext: 14257-12360-13101


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