Turkish Aviation Academy hosted Prof. Medaim YANIK at “TAALKS – Turkish Aviation Academy Leading Knowledge Series” program which took place at Turkish Airlines Headquarters VIP Hall on 14 February 2018.

In addition to our Corporation staff Istanbul Deputy Governor Mr. Halil Serdar CEVHEROGLU also attended the program. Mr. YANIK, in the program titled “Is marriage and professional lives attuned to each other?” spoke of seven characteristics of happy marriages and explained the link between happiness in marriage and professional life. Mr. YANIK who gives seven-advices for a happy marriage, highlighted that couples should accept their characteristic differences as is and not argue in a destructive manner. Additionally, he outlined using graphics and research results that a happy or an unhappy marriage not only had an impact on one’s professional life but also on their health. Mr. YANIK, says, “Being in a deep, strong, fulfilling and meaningful relationships with our relatives and particularly our spouse brings us happiness”. In his speech, he shared statements used by actual people who are in happy and unhappy marriages.

The program ended with Senior Vice President, Training, Prof. Kemal YUKSEK presenting Mr. YANIK with a gift and a group photo shoot. The participants were also given Mr. YANIK’s “Dest-i İzdivaç: Kim Kiminle Evlenirse Mutlu Olur?” and “Mutlu Evliliklerin 7 Özelliği” books as a present.

Prof. Medaim YANIK graduated from Istanbul Faculty of Medicine and became visiting physician of psychiatry in Cerrahpasa Faculty of Medicine. After he worked as lecturer and head of department in various universities, Mr. YANIK received the title of professor in 2010. One of Mr. YANIK’s area of specialization is “Psychotherapy of patients with dissociative identity disorder”. He also carries out studies in the area of family and spousal relationships. He has developed a “Marriage Strengthening Program” based on these studies. Prof. YANIK has articles published in both national and international journals.