Turkish Aviation Academy hosted Dr. Cetin Ali Donmez as a guest speaker at “TAALKS - Turkish Aviation Academy Leading Knowledge Series”, held in Turkish Airlines Headquarters VIP Hall.

The program, which started with opening speech of Turkish Aviation Academy Director Prof. Kemal YUKSEK, drew great attention from Turkish Airlines personnel with its topic “Money, Cryptocurrency, Blockchain”.

Mr. DONMEZ started his speech with the functions of money which was invented by human and its evolution from past to present, and mentioned gold and silver prices, transactions and units. Mr. DONMEZ continued his speech with the history of banking. Our guest explained in detail the development of banking from its arising in 4th century B.C. by Greek Civilization to today.

Another topic that Mr. DONMEZ explained in detail in his speech was cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency, which is created using an encrypting method, does not require banking system to be able to be transferred, does not need central banks in the process of creating money, is used for keeping the wealth and can be used for shopping, drew great attention from the audience.

At the end of the speech, Mr. DONMEZ was happy to answer many questions asked by the participants. The program ended with a photo shoot and a gift presentation to our guest by Turkish Aviation Academy Director Prof. Kemal YUKSEK.

Mr. DONMEZ, who obtained his bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering from Bogazici University, got his master’s degree in 1992 and did his PhD in 2006 in Management Department of the same university.

Cetin Ali DONMEZ worked as a technology project team leader and manager in charge of market operations in 2001 during the era when derivatives and option market first opened in Turkish history. DONMEZ, who is also active in market regulations and training of market professionals besides technical work, took charge in foundation of Istanbul Stock Exchange Risk Management Department and worked as Risk Management Executive between 2006-2008.

Mr. DONMEZ worked as General Manager and Board Member of Derivatives Exchange in Izmır in 2008 and worked as Executive Vice President of Istanbul Stock Exchange in March 2013. He is an Assistant Professor in Ibn Haldun University Administration Sciences Faculty, Management Department since April 2017.