Aviation Academy continues to support the development of the sector by the projects and joint studies it carries out with universities. In this context, it contributes significantly to Bahcesehir University within the framework of student support program it maintains with universities which have campuses in Morocco. Under the project, first Moroccan group of 21 students who came to our country on July 31, 2015 were hosted in our Academy, and were given introduction about our Corporation and our Academy. With another activity carried out on a continuing basis of the project, the second group of 42 freshmen students was hosted again on October 5, 2015.

Students who are studying at various departments such as engineering, communications, and economics were invited to the conference hall of Aviation Academy after the treat. Firstly, our Corporation was introduced to the students who were informed by the presentations and videos then they were given information about the corporate’s activities and brand image. After that, our trainings and special projects were mentioned. In particular, questions of assistants and students interested in Air Transport Management Program, carried out in cooperation with Istanbul Technical University, were answered. Besides, ICAO Trainair Plus, IATA and Conquer Your Flight Phobia Program were the other trainings attracting attention.

After the Aviation Academy tour, students visited Flight Training Center in order to see the cockpit and cabin simulators. The group was welcomed by instructors, and after visiting the simulators they were informed about the trainings given to cabin crew. Then, the group visited the area of cockpit simulators where the trainings received by pilots were sketched out by the expert instructors.

"Student Exchange Program", conducted by Bahcesehir University and supported by Aviation Academy , serves the purpose of introducing leading institutions of our country to the universities abroad, thus increasing awareness of our country on a global basis. In this respect Turkish Aviation Academy, by hosting the related universities in its center, provides the students, who will be future leaders, with an opportunity to have knowledge about the implementations, methods and principles of Turkish Airlines and Aviation Academy.