Turkish Aviation Academy signed a good-will agreement in the field of training with Yildiz Technical University and The University of Warwick.

Turkish Airlines, which continues to rise in the aviation world with its expanding fleet, increasing passenger number and constantly improving service quality, is taking new steps towards the training of their human resource which will ensure the continuity of its global success. In this context, a Memorandum of Understanding has been signed in the field of training between Turkish Airlines Inc., Yildiz Technical University and The University of Warwick. With this agreement, the first step of a new master program which will be coordinated together was taken. New training programs to be offered aims to equip Turkish Airlines staff and those who are interested in aviation industry with advanced skills in the fields of engineering, digital technology, innovation and management.

Turkish Airlines Deputy Chairman and CEO, Bilal EKSI; Senior Vice President, Training, Prof. Kemal YUKSEK; The Chairman and Founder of WMG (Warwick Manufacturing Group) which includes The University of Warwick, Prof. Lord Kumar BHATTACHARYYA, and Rector of Yildiz Technical University, Prof. Bahri SAHIN have participated in the signature ceremony in Yildiz Technical University.

At the ceremony, Turkish Airlines Deputy Chairman and CEO, Bilal EKSI said, “Turkish Airlines, as the airline that flies to the most international points in the world, forges ahead on the way of being the training centre of the region thanks to its efforts about aviation training. Turkish Airlines, with its instructors, training facilities and technological equipment, raises not only its own human resource but also professionals who will work all around the world in aviation industry.  This agreement that we signed with Yildiz Technical University and The University of Warwick shows contemporary training vision of our Corporation. As one of the world’s leading aviation companies, we are glad to cooperate with institutions which are branded in training field in Turkey and in the world. We believe that those who will seize this training opportunity which is offered with this agreement will make a great contribution to our achieving the dreams we have built for tomorrow.”

Turkish Aviation Academy, Yildiz Technical University and The University of Warwick, with this collaboration, that includes training and consultancy service in accordance with the mutual needs, made an important agreement in order to meet the  well-educated human resources need of modern aviation. The training projects to be carried out jointly were officially initiated with this signature ceremony. The collaboration between three parties is aimed to be enhanced by continuing the joint works.

Lord Kumar Bhattacharyya, who is one of the most esteemed members of The House of Lords and a good friend to Turks, gives industrial consultancy to important people such as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Theresa May, Margaret Thatcher and Tony Blair. Besides shaping British economy, he also gives industrial consultancy service to Indian and Chinese Governments and delivers short-term trainings to professionals of world’s leading companies including Turkish Airlines.

Turkish Aviation Academy, which raises professionals in aviation field, develops day by day with its up-to-date training content and in-class and digital trainings offered to national and international market. In this context, it plays a supportive role in the area of training and its systems, collaborating with some global universities..