TEGEP, which has been working under the leadership of "Corporate Academy Structuring Working Committee" since its establishment in line with its mission, aiming to present vision, raise awareness and provide perspectives on corporate academies, brought together training and development professionals again this year.

Together with the advanced technologies of our era, training units have also undergone a transformation. During this transformation process, "Corporate Academies" established by the companies participated in TEGEP's KA'18 Summit. Director of Turkish Aviation Academy Prof. Dr. Kemal YÜKSEK also participated in the Corporate Academy Summit, which aims to present a vision about Corporate Academies and create awareness, held on May 30 with the title of KA'18.

Prof. YÜKSEK, who made a presentation at the summit, said that the new training methodology is quite necessary in the context of the advancing technology. He pointed out that the training needs have changed with advancing technology and that’s why digitalization of training is inevitable now. Having explained the aviation academy's digital and blended trainings and new training methodology, Mr. Yüksek said that the instructors also had to change themselves with the developing methods of training. He emphasized that it would make a great deal of progress in the aviation sector.

Turkish Aviation Academy, as an institution that has achieved a significant national and international success, will continue to follow up-to-date training technologies and make contributions to other institutions in this sense.