In order to prevent international animal trafficking and human slavery, the "International Counter Wildlife Trafficking" Seminar, delivered in accordance with the agreement signed between Turkish Airlines and IATA in 2017, was held on June 29, 2018 by the FREELAND organization at the Aviation Academy’s 15 July Conference Hall.

IATA Environmental Best Practices Vice President Jon GODSON, IATA Turkey, Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan Regional Director Funda ÇALIŞIR, Turkish Aviation Academy Director Prof. Kemal YÜKSEK, General Manager of FREELAND India Mr. Onkuri MAJUMDAR and THY Inc. personnel attended the seminar. Mr. GODSON, who made the opening speech of the seminar mentioned the global coverage of the aviation industry with numeric data by pointing out that evidence shows these illegal products (live and dead) are used without the knowledge of airline companies’ and that the responsibilities must be shared with the enforcement agencies. He also pointed out that airlines can also act as additional sources of intelligence. In his opening speech, Director of the Aviation Academy Prof. YÜKSEK said; "The species in the world are at risk, it is not enough to protect the natural habitats single-handedly. IATA’s Wildlife Conservation mission protects animal species that are at risk of extinction in the world by providing awareness. Our company also signed the Wildlife Conservation Program together with IATA in 2017. I believe that this seminar is a big step to protect wildlife in Turkey as well as in the world.”

This seminar provided information on why wildlife trade is made, why air transportation is being used for this trafficking, the characteristics of abducted wild animals, and lastly how to intervene and report such situations, to approximately 100 participants from our Company’s various Directorates such as Ground Operations, Cargo, Sales, Corporate Marketing and Distribution Channels, Security and Quality Assurance.

Turkish Aviation Academy will continue to offer training services within the scope of such collaborations in terms of raising awareness for the global aviation industry.