Turkish Aviation Academy, which is a full member and Regional Training Centre of Excellence of ICAO, has become the only authorized training center giving ICAO Trainair Plus trainings in its region with the aim of continuing to meet the training needs of its sector ideally.

The Aviation Academy, which has many international accreditations such as IATA, PEARSON, and EDEXCEL, became the "associate member" of ICAO Trainair Plus Program in 2012, and acquired full membership status in the "ICAO TRAINAIR PLUS SYMPOSIUM” hosted by the Academy between 17-19 June 2013, in İstanbul. Turkish Aviation Academy, which has continuously paved the way for new achievements with its works in this direction, assumed the title of “ICAO Regional Training Center of Excellence” at ICAO Global Aviation Training & Trainair Plus Symposium in Dublin, in March 2015.

Within the scope of ICAO Trainair Plus full membership, the Academy contributed to the global aviation sector in airport security area by designing Travel Documents Training and it is continuing to bring the sector many trainings in compliance with ICAO rules and regulations. Furthermore, the Academy has the training capacity to meet the needs of the global sector both with its own trainers and the trainers within the body of ICAO and its members. The trainings provided to institutions such as airport, airline, cargo and universities; for the personnel who work in various areas such as cargo, passenger services, marketing, sales, aviation rules, security and dangerous goods can be provided in accordance with the requirements in the desired location and language.

The Academy, with its qualified teaching staff and updated trainings, meets the training needs of its customers in the best way, especially in Turkey and in the Middle East, Turkic Republics, Europe and Asia. In addition to these regions, in line with its marketing strategies, the Academy is meeting the training needs of the customers in the region of Africa, which was added to its portfolio in recent years especially with IATA-approved trainings, and is giving those trainings in the frame of high quality standards thanks to its new accreditations.

The Academy, which configures modern training systems to meet sector’s needs within its body by combining technology with the experience accumulated in over 30 years’ time, is widening its range of services day by day. With the aim of improving its quality of service, the Academy has added a new one to its authorities and accreditations given from national and international authorities such as SHGM, IATA (RTP, ATC, ATS), PEARSON, EDEXCEL. With its authority of ICAO Trainair Plus full membership and title of Regional Training Center of Excellence, the Academy is progressing at a rapid pace in order to reach the vision of being a global training center, giving world-class aviation trainings.