Turkish Aviation Academy, which has been continuing its full membership of Trainair Plus since June of 2013, participated in the ICAO Global Aviation Training & Trainair Plus Symposium, held in Dublin, Ireland, between 24-27 March 2015. At the symposium, which was held with the participation of ICAO aviation training organizations, the Academy assumed the title of "ICAO Regional Training Centre of Excellence". The plaquet was presented to The President of Turkish Aviation Academy Assoc. Prof. Dr. Kemal YUKSEK, by the ICAO Secretary General Raymond BENJAMIN and the ICAO Global Aviation Training Manager Captain Mostafa HOUMMADY.


The Academy which has many international accreditations such as IATA and PEARSON became an "associate member" of the ICAO Trainair Plus Program in 2012. And it acquired the status of full membership in the "ICAO TRAINAIR PLUS SYMPOSIUM” hosted by the Academy between 17-19 June 2013, in İstanbul. Turkish Aviation Academy, which has continuously paved the way for new achievements with its works in this direction, became the ICAO Regional Training Center of Excellence in March 2015. Within the scope of ICAO Trainair Plus full membership, the Academy contributed to the global aviation sector in airport security area by designing Travel Documents Training. And with its excellence title, the Academy is preparing to bring the global sector many trainings in compliance with ICAO rules and regulations. By this means, the Academy, which will play an important role in enriching the training library under the roof of ICAO, will strengthen its capability by increasing the quality of trainings given within its body.


In today's world, the Academy, conducting its activities within the frame of its mission to meet the educational needs in the field of aviation without the constraints of time and place, continues to increase its training quality level each passing day with its international agreements and memberships. The Academy which configures modern education systems by combining technology with experience accumulated in over 30 years’ time, acts with the mission of gaining quality education systems, which could improve the processes, to the sector in addition to the trainings it offers. With all these works, the Academy is progressing at a rapid pace in order to reach the vision of being a global training center giving world-class aviation trainings.