Turkish Aviation Academy and Akdeniz University Aviation Application and Research Center (AKHUMER) signed a business collaboration protocol in the field of aviation trainings.

Akdeniz University Rector Prof. Mustafa Ünal, THY Senior Vice President, Training, Prof. Kemal YÜKSEK, Akdeniz University Vice Rector Prof. Erol Gürpınar, Director of Aviation Application and Research Center Prof. Mustafa Gülmez and officials attended the protocol held in Akdeniz University Rectorate Board Room.

Within the scope of the protocol, Akdeniz University students can get digital and blended aviation trainings of Turkish Aviation Academy with much more advantageous course fees, and will acquire certificates. Besides, participants other than students may also receive certified aviation trainings under appropriate conditions. The trainings will be given within the body of the Faculty of Applied Sciences and AKHUMER by the academic staff of Akdeniz University, who are authorized by Turkish Airlines by fulfilling all requirements, within the framework of national and international standards.

Akdeniz University Rector Prof. Mustafa Ünal said, "As a university, we attach importance to being in cooperation with national and international organizations in education, science and technology as well as with the public institutions, private sector and non-governmental organizations. In this context, with this protocol we have made with Turkish Airlines, we are adding a new one to our business collaborations that will provide important gains for both sides. "

 "Within the scope of this agreement with Turkish Airlines, we will start to give aviation trainings with our university’s academic background and qualified academic staff, and with the technical support of Turkish Airlines. These trainings will be integrated with AKHUMER's other business collaborations, training and application activities and will turn Akdeniz University into a center of attraction for aviation in the near future,"  Rector Ünal said and added:  “Negotiations for conducting a joint Aviation Management Master’s Program in the near future are continuing between the parties. If this program is implemented, postgraduate courses will be given by distinguished instructors from world's leading institutions and universities shaping the sector.”

Prof. Kemal Yüksek stated that as Turkish Aviation Academy, which was established to meet the educational needs of Turkish Airlines, a leading airline company, they have been continuing to provide training services over thirty years and added; "This business collaboration with Akdeniz University is an important gain for the aviation industry. These trainings that will be conducted with the student potential and cooperation of Akdeniz University have a great importance in terms of meeting the qualified human resource need growing each passing year in aviation sector."

Turkish Aviation Academy, which is aware of the fact that collaborations with universities educating the next generation who will shape the future have important contribution to the aviation sector on both global and national basis, continues to provide required support within the scope of collaborations.