The FAAL launching ceremony was held at the General Directorate VIP lounge on February 18, 2016. In the ceremony, the innovations and functions of Training Resource Management System (FAAL), which has been developed by the Turkish Aviation Academy and used for managing the training processes by Turkish Airlines units, were introduced.

Aviation Academy Director Assoc. Prof. Dr. Kemal YÜKSEK, other managers of the Academy, training coordinators, FAAL team and other related staff have attended the event where the purpose, stages, contribution, advantages and usage areas of the FAAL were introduced.

At the event, Aviation Academy Director Assoc. Prof. Dr. Kemal YÜKSEK, who is the mastermind of the FAAL, described in his speech the FAAL system as "a resource management system established to meet the Academy’s need for automation”. Mr. YÜKSEK who continued his speech with a presentation said about the issue: “Training needs assessment and management of all Turkish Airlines units is provided with FAAL system. At first, the system was launched for bringing the training requests together. The system now includes various business processes such as training planning, certificate printing, and attendee course history. While the software is being developed, business processes are also revised and optimized on the other hand. Until the end of the year, a centralized training management has been planned by providing the integration of Havagram, LMS and ERP systems. FAAL is a global system. This system prevents staff to be unnecessarily withdrawn from the operations, and the required reports can be received properly.  All of these are seen necessary to achieve 2023 vision and beyond. We have managed to provide the development of this system with a small number of personnel. As Training Directorate, we attach great importance to education. While teaching, the most important thing is to be able to set good examples. I hope this will be an example. I would like to thank especially my colleagues who have contributed to the configuration and development of the system by working devotedly. We should pave the way for this kind of colleagues, appreciating their contributions.”

After Mr. Yüksek and FAAL team answered participants’ questions, the launch continued with the presentation of gifts and votes of thanks to the FAAL team of four people who has configured and managed the system. At the end of the launch, a group photo of FAAL team and managers was taken and complimentary cakes were served to the participants.