Turkish Aviation Academy hosted Prof. Dr. Kerem ALKİN for the "Towards Knowledge / TAALKS - Turkish Aviation Academy Leading Knowledge Series" Program, which was held at the VIP Lounge of the Turkish Airlines Headquarters on 11th of December.

Prof. Kerem Alkin is a lecturer at the Faculty of Business and Management Sciences of Istanbul Medipol University, and the Head of the International Trade and Finance Department, and the chairman of Mobilsiad Board of Directors. Besides, he teaches at the Turkish War Colleges Command, and also works as a columnist at newspapers and participates in economics programs at television channels. Lastly, Professor Kerem Alkin is a member of the Board of Directors of Turkiye Wealth Fund Management Co. since February 2017.

The conference entitled "New Trends in the World Economy, New Order and its Impacts on Global Air Transportation" attracted a great deal of attention with the speech of Kerem ALKİN. In the TAALKS program, Prof. Dr. Kerem ALKİN interpreted the global economic developments and trends, their reflections on the countries, regions and sectors, and he introduced some mind opening predictions in these fields.

In the conference, Prof. Dr. Alkin, who mentioned the past, present and future of the growing economies around the world, addressed some issues by graphics such as China's economic growth in a short period of time, that India will surpass China in the near future on economic growth, and Turkey will become the 9th largest economy in 50 years owing to the young working population it has. Besides, he talked about the current crises in the world and stated that the main purpose of Qatar and Jerusalem crises is to prevent China's "the belt and road initiative”. Prof. Dr. Kerem Alkin explained the "one belt and road" project, which Turkey will also take an initiative and will bring our national income to high figures in "Afro-Asian" Hinterland, stating that the current crises are totally based on economic interests in reality.

Prof. Dr. Alkin, who mentioned all major economies and Turkey's present and future conditions, finalized his words by answering the participants' questions at the end of the conference. The program has ended with the presentation of a gift by Senior Vice President, Training, Assoc. Prof. Kemal YÜKSEK and photo shoot.