Turkish Aviation Academy hosted Prof. Halil BERKTAY at “TAALKS - Turkish Aviation Academy Leading Knowledge Series” program held in Turkish Airlines Headquarters VIP Hall.

The program with the title “The 2nd World War and Its Effects on the Development of Aviation Technology” drew great attention from Turkish Airlines personnel.

Mr. BERKTAY started his speech with aircraft technology during the 1st World War and limitations of air operations. After he mentions armament process in the early 1900s and lack of two very important offensive weapons of this era –tanks and aircrafts-; the explained functions of combat and fighter aircrafts such as Fokker D-VII, Sopwith Camel, Royal Aircraft Factory S.E.5 which were started to be used within current technological capacity of 1918 and later. Mr. BERKTAY, as well as summarizing progression of the war and situations of the countries during the 2nd World War, stated that it was an important phase for aviation technology. Furthermore, participators were informed about the ways that the countries were organized throughout the war, the concepts of war and the main types of air operations in the 2nd World War.

At the end of the speech Mr. BERKTAY gladly answered many questions asked. Program ended with Turkish Aviation Academy Director Prof. Kemal YUKSEK presenting a gift to our guest and photo shoot.

Prof. Halil BERKTAY worked as an instructor at Sabancı University Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (1998-2016). He served as History Program Coordinator, Turkey Studies Program Coordinator, Sabancı Summer School and Sabancı-Harvard Summer School Coordinator. His articles on Europe and Turkey history, politics and culture were published at journals such as “Tarih ve Toplum”, “Saçak”, “Toplum ve Bilim”, “Türkiye Gerçeği”. Also, he has academic articles in various languages including Turkish, English, German and Magyar.

His teaching and research subjects includes World and Europe History, 20th Century Turkish Nationalism and Nationalist Historiography, Shaping of Turkish Nation-State and National Identity, Turkish Revolutions from a Comparative Perspective, Socialism and Marxism. Mr. BERKTAY continues to serve as Director of History Department at Ibn Haldun University, General Teaching Director and Summer School Director.