Oman Air Force which has been carrying out mutual works with Turkish Aviation Academy since 2010 visited the Academy on the date of 05.11.2015. Said Khalifa MUSALLAM, Head of Training Department at Oman Air Force and Ahmed Talib ABDULLAH, Vice Chairman, who made the visit, were hosted by Assoc. Prof. Kemal Yüksek, Director of Academy, with the participation of Marketing team.

In the meeting, the new trainings which were added to the capability of Academy were introduced to the Air Force officials; also the digital trainings produced in consequence of a new structuring arising from today's requirements were mentioned and their practice methods were described. Within the framework of educational support provided by the Academy to the relevant organization, many classroom trainings within the body of Training Academy were delivered, particularly the IATA trainings, Dangerous Goods, Passenger and Ground Services trainings. As a result of the assessments made during the meeting, it was decided that the trainings which will be given hereafter will be determined within the needs of the organization and provided in the form of package programs composed of e-learning and classroom trainings.

In the aviation industry, which is developing at an unprecedented pace, the Air Force which takes action with the awareness of the importance to provide high-quality service to the employees in the most practical way, continues its cooperation in a broader context with the Academy, its solution partner in this area. Thanks to this cooperation, the Air Force will receive support from the Academy to increase the number of qualified personnel within its body, and benefit from certain special projects carried out by the Academy in collaboration with national and international partners. The most important ones among them are Air Transport Management Master Program carried out by the Academy, ITU and Boeing, and ICAO Approved Training Programs.

In the general framework, the meeting resulted in the decision to determine the training needs of Oman Air Force and to continue providing them by joint works carried out between the two parties. At the end of the meeting Said Khalifa Musallam, Head of Training Department at Oman Air Force, presented a plaque to Assoc. Prof. Kemal YÜKSEK, Director of the Academy. After that, Mr. YÜKSEK repeated that the necessary educational support will be provided to them, and presented gifts to the officials.