Turkish Aviation Academy hosted Turkcell Chairman of the Board and Bezmialem Foundation University Chairman of the Board of Trustees Mr. Ahmet AKÇA in the “Talks with the Masters” program held at the VIP Hall of Turkish Airlines Headquarters on 25 January 2017. 

Turkish Airlines Member of Board Muzaffer AKPINAR, Turkish Airlines Vice General Manager of Flight Operations Levent YILMAZ, Director of Turkish Aviation Academy Assoc. Prof. Dr. Kemal YÜKSEK, other managers and employees attended the program in which Mr. AKÇA shared his experiences and opinions he gained during his business life. AKÇA who expressed his happiness to be with Turkish Airlines family began his speech by saying; "My dear friend Member of Board Muzaffer AKPINAR, Training Director Kemal YÜKSEK, Vice General Manager Levent YILMAZ and esteemed Turkish Airlines employees, I embrace you all, I greet you".

“Brother is an unchosen friend and friend is a chosen brother.”

Mr. AKÇA, who continued his speech by telling memories from his childhood, stated that they had migrated to Istanbul in 1960 and had settled in the outskirts of Yusha Hill in Beykoz, and he underlined that Yusha Aleyhisselam was one of our important civilization values. Then he shared the experiences that contributed to shaping his career and that would serve as a precedent for young people among the audience. Within this framework, AKÇA referring to the business activities that he performed during the holidays in his childhood years, talked about his first bankruptcy and the contributions of it to his life as an experience he gained at the very beginning. In addition, he mentioned how important his friendships from university years are and added; “There is a beautiful saying; brother is an unchosen friend and friend is a chosen brother.”

 “Bezmialem means the joy, peace, feist of the universe.”

Mr. AKÇA who began his real work life in Sumerbank during his studentship, talked about his experiences in glass and food sectors and Akça Logistics Inc. at which he worked as the Chairman of the Executive Board. AKÇA also talked about the projects in Bezmialem Foundation University, the foundation of which he pioneered and where he currently serves as the Chairman of the board of trustees since 2011. Underlining that this university is an important asset for our country, AKÇA said, "We have established a health institution. Bezmialem, means joy, peace, feast of the universe. Bezmialem Foundation University is an important health institution which currently has more than 3 thousand students and academicians and provides education in the field of medicine and pharmacy. The university offers services to everyone, regardless of nationality. We also modernized the hospital building with new plans. The university will soon become an international educational institution."

“I see Turkcell as one of the ten most valuable brands in our country.”

Having added another innovation to his successful career, AKÇA who was appointed as Turkcell's Independent Board of Directors Member also, works as the Chairman of the Executive Board in Turkcell. AKÇA expressed his thoughts about the company as follows: "Turkcell is a very valuable company in Turkey that we are proud of. I see it as one of the ten most valuable brands in our country. Today, Turkcell Turkey is a very strategic technology company in terms of the future and security.” AKÇA also mentioned that the world was rapidly digitalizing and relayed information about cyber-attacks. He also emphasized the importance of raising conscientious, compassionate, people in a good faith.

Interview ended with gift presentation to Mr. AKÇA by Turkish Airlines Board Member Mr. Muzaffer AKPINAR and a collective photo shoot with the participation of executives and the audience.