Turkish Aviation Academy became both Regional Training Partner and Authorized Training Center of IATA in 2011 and due to its outstanding performance within the period of just a year, was honored by IATA as the 2012 Worldwide Top Regional Training Partner.

The award represents the efforts of Turkish Aviation Academy to train people for the future air transport industry by organizing more than 17 IATA training sessions and providing training for more than 300 people in 2012. The Academy has achieved great success worldwide with these efforts.

With years of experience and knowledge, Academy offers a wide range of training to both native and foreign trainees, including commercial and technical training alongside management and personal development training, and once again proved itself with its success in IATA training.

IATA training carried out in Istanbul, a junction point for Europe, the Middle East and Asia, are of great importance in terms of meeting the professional training needs of the aviation industry both in Turkey and in countries within the region, and in terms of contributing to the industry by training qualified future employees.

IATA represents 240 leading airline companies which cover 84% of air traffic worldwide and has numerous regional collaborations with establishments from six regions which are Africa, America, Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East and South Asia. Academy stands out from these other establishments as the best of 2012 and thus raises the bar for Turkish Airlines’ future aims.