Air Namibia, Official Airline of Republic of Namibia, visited our Academy on February 13th, 2015. Rene GSPONER, CEO of the company and his team composed of 5 persons were hosted by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Kemal YUKSEK, the President of Turkish Aviation Academy.  

Negotiations aimed at developing commercial relations between Turkish Airlines and Air Namibia was started last year, and a treaty of commerce was signed with the purpose of increasing number of passengers and air cargo traffic. Another aim of this milestone treaty is to actualize the benchmarking project which will pave the way for Turkish Airlines, “Best Airline Europe” to share its experience with Air Namibia.

In the project carried out in cooperation of two sides, aviation trainings has been a subject on which emphasis was put. The visit aimed at putting the planned projects in action in training area has let Air Namibia enjoy the opportunity of familiarizing itself with our Academy and transmitting their demands. Mr. YUKSEK, the President of Academy whose computer-assisted trainings such as e-learning and distant training developed on a vast scale especially in the last two years, stated that they will give their utmost support for development of Air Namibia.

In meetings the Academy and its services were introduced to the visitors with detailed explanations, presentations and videos. Information about several subjects from effective use of training sources to certification system was shared. In addition; information was given about Academy’s one of the most important services IATA approved trainings, Air Transport Management Master Program which is given by world-renowned trainers, Let’s Conquer You Flight Phobia Program, Leadership School.   None of the visitors’ questions remained unanswered. Meetings came to the conclusion with a visit to Academy Studio at which e-learning trainings are structured by a professional team.

With the projects to be carried out following the agreement to be signed, it is foreseen that Air Namibia personnel to benefit from the trainings given by the Academy. Academy also will give a support to the company which has fleet of Airbus A319-100 and A330-200 aircraft types to build its own training system. By this means, two parties intend to support development of civil aviation in both countries, with the human resource to be trained.