Turkish Aviation Academy has been giving English trainings for cabin personnel since 2014 in order to maximize the quality of cabin services provided for Turkish Airlines passengers.

Exceptional cabin service quality is one of the factors that has played a big role in the performance of Turkish Airlines which has been selected as Europe’s best airline for the past six years in a row and has received numerous awards in the same area. With the awareness that language proficiency is of great importance for attaining flight safety in addition to customer satisfaction, the Aviation Academy aims at improving the language levels of cabin personnel beyond internationally recognized levels. Within this framework, the Aviation Academy has taken numerous steps in testing, evaluating and developing the language levels of cabin personnel since 2014.

There has been a considerable increase in the number of cabin personnel in Turkish Airlines between the years 2014-2016 with the recruitment of nearly 3 thousand new personnel. According to the results of the in-house Test for Cabin (iTEC) which is administered to all cabin personnel on an annual basis, the number of personnel who have scored beyond the acceptable proficiency level has increased from 58.1 % in 2014 to 81.2 % in 2016. Cabin English Training, digital training notes on Cabin Announcements in English and English Pronunciation, audio books, and in-class and online trainings that have been developed by the Aviation Academy have contributed to a great extent to the improvement in the proficiency levels of cabin personnel.  In addition, cabin personnel were provided with the opportunity to practice speaking skills with native English speakers as part of the interactive English program. As a result, Turkish Airlines has performed above average under the “Satisfaction with Language Skills of Flight Attendants” category in language proficiency levels.

Using the passengers’ mother tongue is another important factor in establishing effective communication in the cabin. With this in mind, the Aviation Academy also develops and provides digital trainings and audio books that include situational language and sample dialogues in languages that are becoming increasingly essential in the cabin such as Russian, Chinese and Arabic. As well as the trainings it provides, the Academy also takes an active role in the assessment stage of the recruitment process of cabin personnel who speak Chinese, Japanese and Korean, thus, contributing to increasing customer satisfaction.

Turkish Aviation Academy continues to develop trainings for cabin and cockpit personnel in order to help achieve Turkish Airline’s goal of increasing customer satisfaction while growing in a planned and stable manner in the civil aviation sector.