Turkish Aviation Academy hosted Prof. Dr. Bekir Karlığa, the chairman of the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations National Coordination Board of Turkey, as a speaker in the TAALKS - Turkish Aviation Academy Leading Knowledge Series program in the Turkish Airlines Head Office VIP Hall. The main theme of the program was “New World, New Turkey and the Alliance of Civilizations.”

The Director of Aviation Academy, Mr. Müjdat Uludağ inaugurated the program giving an opening speech. Our Director stated in his speech that considering all the negative aspects such as income injustice, the destruction caused by wars, the refugee crisis, and climate changes, the civilization which had dominated the world in the last centuries, unfortunately, failed to give hope to humanity and that the interaction of civilizations seemed to be promising. He also stressed that Turkish Airlines personnel had the potential to come into contact with different civilizations quite often and thus this program had the objective of increasing awareness and knowledge of the interactions of civilizations.

The program started with the screening of a documentary, which is a part of Civilization Awareness Seminars, on how Western Civilization has benefited from the life and works of Farabi, who is one of the greatest philosophers of the Islamic Thought world. Prof. Dr. Bekir Karlığa touched upon the notion of civilization, the necessary conditions for a civilization to emerge and flourish, and the constituents of the alliance of civilizations.

Mr. Karlığa stated in his speech that the works of scholars such as İbn-i Sina and İbn-i Rusd as well as Farabi had contributed a lot to the universal knowledge of the humankind and exemplified how profoundly the Western civilization was affected by the works of tens of Islamic scholars. Indicating that the prevailing perception of ‘’civilization’’ cannot be monopolised by the certain nations contrary to general belief, Mr. Karlığa also mentioned that the leading civilization, which had been expected to evolve in time, failed in keeping the peace. He emphasized that the necessity of renovation and revaluation arose following these findings.

 The River Flowing Westward, which was prepared by Mr. Karlığa and his team and filmed in 16 countries with the contributions of 200 scientists, and awarded by Presidential Culture and Arts Grand Awards, bears the feature of being the longest civilization documentary.

The event came to an end following the photoshoot and giving gift to our guest.

Mr. Karlığa completed his undergraduate degree at Istanbul University Faculty of Letters, Department of Philosophy in 1977 and continued his career as Logic and Philosophy Assistant at Istanbul Higher Islamic Institute. He was granted the title of Professor by Marmara University in 1993 and nominated as Head of the Department of Islamic Philosophy. Mr. Karlığa currently works as the chairman of the Alliance of Civilizations National Coordination Board of Turkey and a lecturer at Yalova University.