The Turkish Aviation Academy hosted Assoc. Prof. Murat Yalçıntaş as the speaker of "Talks with the Masters" Program on Thursday, 15 December 2016 at the VIP Lounge of the Turkish Airlines Headquarters.

Director of Turkish Aviation Academy Assoc. Prof. Kemal YÜKSEK, other managers and employees attended the program in which Mr. YALCINTAŞ shared his experiences and views that he acquired in his political, business and academic life.

Mr. YALÇINTAŞ who began his speech by saying "It is a great pleasure for me to be here with you today" continued as follows; "The relationship between people should be based on the bases of mercy and compassion. I learned this in my high school years and these have become my basic values." In his speech, YALÇINTAŞ talked about his experiences in high school and university, his studies at Boston University where he received his graduate degree, his project "European Union Standardization" in Brussels and mentioned the political and structural changes in the world. YALÇINTAŞ, who shared his experiences on this subject, also mentioned the movements that have been seen in the member countries of the European Union over time and the importance of the Union’s power. As an example of European Union standardization efforts, he said; "The Union has asked one of its members, France, to change the headlight colour of its cars in order to adapt to the standardization process, but France opposed this for a while, but everyone who wants to get positive gains from being in a unity needs to make some sacrifices.”

Following these studies, YALÇINTAŞ, who talked about his experiences at the Islamic Development Bank in Jeddah, Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (ITO) and then the Faculty of Commercial Sciences of Istanbul Commerce University, gave information about the methodologies he has developed in such areas as "Strategic Management" and "Game Theory".

Throughout his career, Murat YALÇINTAŞ worked on entrepreneurship, competitive advantage and sustainable development. He shared his experiences in the business world with his listeners and said, "Companies can only be successful if they become institutionalized and are managed independently. Success is only possible with production."

YALÇINTAŞ who also emphasized that he is always proud of the Turkish Airlines brand, finished his speech with the following words: "I have flown with Turkish Airlines throughout my life and I am proud of it. The moment I get off a Turkish Airlines plane abroad is the moment I truly leave my country, and the moment I set foot on it again is the moment I truly get back into my country. It is extremely important to be able to give this feeling. Turkish Airlines has accomplished this. Another success of Turkish Airlines is that the "servant leader" institutional culture has been developed. At institutions which developed the "servant leader" culture, there is continuous education from top to bottom. May you continue successfully in this path on which you walk together."

At the end of the program, Director of the Aviation Academy Mr. YÜKSEK presented a gift to Mr. YALÇINTAŞ and a group photo was taken with 200 participants.