Turkish Red Crescent, which carried out the "National Blood Donation Project" to meet Turkey’s entire blood need from voluntary and regular donors, set up tents for sensitive employees who wanted to donate blood at Turkish Aviation Academy. On the donation day which took place on 25.05.2017, the Academy staff became a ray of hope to patients by donating blood for the campaign.

Senior Vice President, Training, Assoc. Prof. Kemal YÜKSEK, who supported the campaign, said; “We should support the Red Crescent, which is our national institution, in every way we can. We donate our blood for those patients who need to be treated. Donating blood is saving lives and, as Turkish Aviation Academy, we will continue to add value to life because the duty Red Crescent performs is really important and sacred. It should be everyone’s priority to support these campaigns. Thanks to these bloods, it will be possible to supply the blood we all may need someday.”

Since its foundation, the Turkish Red Crescent, which has undertaken important duties to provide social solidarity, contribute to the development of social welfare, extend services to the poor and needy, and provide nutrition and health care, continues to meet our country’s blood needs from voluntary and regular donors via Regional Blood Centers, Blood Donation Centers and mobile blood donation vehicles.

Blood is a tissue that cannot be produced artificially and its only resource is healthy donors. Every year thousands of people die from an illness or as a result of an accident they have because they cannot be provided the necessary blood. On the other hand, the research conducted shows that in Turkey, whose population is 72 million, annual blood donation rate is 1% of the total population; whereas, blood donation makes a positive impact on the donor’s health as well as saving lives.

Saving lives is in our hands and blood donation is the purest version of human love.