Turkish Aviation Academy administration organized an event as a demonstration of its appreciation for the personnel who made a difference with their performances. The event which was carried out in the leadership of the Senior Vice President, Training, Assoc. Prof. Kemal YÜKSEK, was attended by other Academy managers and all personnel on March 22, 2017 in the Academy’s 15th July lecture Hall.

Senior Vice President, Training, Assoc. Prof. Kemal YÜKSEK said in his speech; "The contributions of our employees have a great importance in the achievements of our Academy. One of our most important goals is to expand our training catalogue. In this regard, we have made significant progresses until today. We will continue to work together in order to produce trainings that meet the needs of the industry, address the various areas of aviation; as a support for operations with their up-to-date content. Access to information is now possible by technology, not by people. We will continue to pursue our vision of becoming the leading academy that guides the industry and to spread our knowledge to the global industry by putting our trainings on digital environment. I thank you all for contributing to make our Academy a family."

The first agenda of the event was presenting the certificates of to the Academy staff who worked with the spirit of patriotism in the Atatürk Airport which is one of the places where support is was needed the most after the malicious terrorist attack that took place on 15th July 2016. During the days following 15 July 2016, Elif SARIBAŞ, Asiye Oya PULAK, Fatma AKKUŞ KILINÇER, Sema ATAY, Fulya ŞEREF, Şebnem BAYEZİT and Duygu ÇİMENOĞLU from the Academy staff provided support to the airport staff by working diligently at the airport during the operational procedures which were very intense and the help was very much needed. Senior Vice President, Training, Assoc. Prof. Dr. YÜKSEK presented to the staff the "Certificates of Appreciation" which were signed by himself and Turkish Airlines Chairman of the Board and the Executive Committee, M. İlker AYCI.

The event continued with another celebration that has been practiced by Turkish Airlines for many years and has become a tradition. The staff who worked at the Corporation for ten and twenty years were presented with silver and gold badges by their own managers.

In the last part of the program, an Academy ritual for the last two years took place. Each month, since 2016 a staff member has been chosen as the “Employee of the Month” as a result of their performance evaluations.  Senior Vice President, Training, Assoc. Prof. Dr. YÜKSEK thanked and gave presents to each of these employees.  The program which was a great motivation for the afore mentioned staff members who contributed to the development of the Academy with their efforts, ended with a photo shoot.