Muammer Tükenmez, one of the program participants expresses his feelings after the program as “I never thought that I would overcome my fear of flying I have suffered for 56 years only in two days but I did it”.  

Turkish Aviation Academy invites the ones who cannot fly because of fear of flying get over their fear through the two-day program of “Conquer your Fear of Flying.” 

The program, performed by trainers and psychologists specialized in the fields of pilotage, aircraft maintenance and cabin which are within the body of the academy is carried out every month with the increasing demand in recent years. Maximum ten participants are included in the program consisting of the combination of homogenous groups so that it can be as efficient and effective as possible. Each expert, who actively contributed to the program, has an invaluable experience in their fields and they also bear the educator’s qualifications.  

The participants are interviewed before the program, and they pass through the anxiety test and the analysis of psychological situation. During the program in the classroom, the captain and technical trainer explains the following subjects based on some concrete data; aircraft structures and systems, maintenance processes, turbulence, the effects of weather events, and why the aircraft is the safest mean of transportation. Then psychologists teach some methods on how to overcome their fear of flying. After having performed all technic-theoretic and psycho-theoretic lectures and applications, a virtual flight in the cabin simulator is performed. Thus, the participants experience all conditions of the actual flight. A round-trip is organized to a city determined beforehand by participation of all team members in the second day of the program. Thus the concerns and the root causes of these concerns our participants experience are identified, and the ways of solutions for them are offered.

Concerns or fears emerge from various reasons. Some people have fear of flying due to lack of technical information about the aircraft and flight while psychological reasons lie under others’ concerns. The technical instructor, cabin trainer and the captain, who are together with the participants during the program, instill confidence in the participants by trying to remove the lack of technical knowledge. The psychologist strives to eliminate psychological concerns through the interviews he/she conducts with the participants before and during the program. All of these components ensure to remove the question marks engaging participants’ minds, and enable the participants to get rid of the related problems.

One of the most important reasons for the success of the program, which is over 90%, is that, participants are followed by the team after the program as well. Participants have free participation right to attend the programs scheduled in the following months if they need.