Turkish Aviation Academy has added another innovation to its projects, applications, its changing understanding of education and the training system it has developed. The Academy which keeps up with the developments in the information technology continues to expand the limits of education through this system it has developed. It gives training support to large masses with its broad range of services and understanding of training that has gone far beyond the conventional methods transmitting information.  Thanks to its inflight technology having merged education with technology and integrated its online trainings with flight entertainment system (IFE), Turkish Aviation Academy continues to support the development of aviation sector both in national and global scale, letting passengers experience a more productive flight.   

Turkish Aviation Academy and Catering and In-Flight Products Directorate have been running the project cooperatively. 11 training videos have been available under the education section of IFE since March. Moreover, training videos of, which is an online education platform of Linkedin Learning, and followed by global leaders will be added to IFE system in November, and be at the benefit of our passengers. These trainings are available in our wide-body aircrafts with Panasonic digital system, under the education section of IFE.

This system developed with the idea that education and technology are always integrated, aims to provide digital learning opportunity to our passengers.

Digital Trainings of Aviation Academy:

  • Brand Awareness
  • Competition Law
  • What is the Natural Resource Consumption?
  • What is the Environment?
  • What is the Noise Pollution?
  • How to Become a Miles & Smiles Member?
  • Brand Awareness
  • Airline Industry Training
  • Value Chain In Aviation Training
  • Airline Demand & Supply Training
  • Airline Sources of Finance Training

Digital Trainings of

  • Smart Cities: Solving Urban Problems Using Technology
  • Logo Trend Report
  • Content Marketing ROI
  • Learning Package Design
  • Developing Your Emotional Intelligence

You can choose your training with remote control or using the touchscreen and experience learning with fun.