Leadership School, initiated by Turkish Aviation Academy, carry on its studies with the aim of raising qualified managers for aviation sector, has a brand new visual identity.

Leadership School has been carrying out its training activities since October 1st, 2012 in order to raise and develop human resources for our corporation which shows a steady growth each passing day and whose recognition increases throughout the world thanks to its quality service approach. The school raises versatile and sector dominating leaders by providing them leadership, economics, finance, law and several more classes from expert academicians. Students go through several phases and exams to be accepted to the School, and have the privilege to take classes from Harvard Manage Mentor Distant Learning Program carried out by Harvard University which is one of the most outstanding universities of the world.

Leadership School, which will continue its trainings with the third group this year, attained a new brand identity with the help of visuals it designed by combining modern education concept with traditional art motifs. One of the most important features of the visual identity study is to own the motifs reflecting the vision that The Leadership School aims to reach. Visuals produced within the context of the studies, were placed at the school gate and on the walls. Gateway opening to the Leadership School was coated with the book page image on which ‘First Step to the Leaders of Tomorrow’ motto is found.  “Leaders of Tomorrow” and "World Map" images placed on the walls support the vision of globalization specified by the aviation training school. Leadership School will continue to deliver supplementary trainings for business and relationship management through creating environments that enhance collective intelligence and analytical thinking.