Within the scope of cooperation between Turkish Aviation Academy and Fatih Sultan Mehmet University, trainings created by joint works are continuing to be carried out. With the new and updated trainings formed with the project carried out by Aviation Academy Organizational Development Trainings Management and Fatih Sultan Mehmet University, the training capability of the Aviation Academy is improving each passing day. 3-day Leadership Development Program, the second one of training programs designed for our managers, was provided to a group consisting of Turkish Airlines Managers on the dates of 24-26 October 2015. Training was given on the first day at Fatih Sultan Mehmet University Topkapi Merkez Efendi Campus, and continued on the other two days at Turkish Aviation Academy's Leadership School Classroom in Yenibosna Building.

The courses, which are given by qualified trainers having 10 years of professional and practical experience and PhD degree in the field of management and organization, have been designed to improve the competences of managers on business management, decision making and taking initiatives by using their core, managerial and functional competences.

Aviation Academy, being aware of the huge importance of managers’ having leadership qualification nowadays, has taken contributing to this cause as a mission. In this direction, Aviation Academy makes additions to its catalogue with training programs created both by itself and by joint works with business partners. With the Leadership Development Program, designed for managers, Aviation Academy aims to make target group earn a set of skills such as internalization of “leadership” phenomenon, being able to understand and apply modern leadership models, being able to apply situational and holistic leadership model in extraordinary situations.

At the end of the training, Assoc. Prof. Kemal Yüksek, the Director of Aviation Academy presented participants their certificates with a ceremony. The Academy acts with the awareness that the cooperation between institutions and universities will highly contribute to the sector’s today and future. In this respect, the program will be sustained with similar leadership development programs.