Turkish Aviation Academy participated in IATA Global Training Partner Conference held in Dubai on 17-18 October 2016. The Aviation Academy, which is IATA’s Regional and Authorized Training Center, was the guest of IATA in the conference during which the important developments about the sector were discussed and strategies for next year were drawn up. Director of Turkish Aviation Academy Assoc. Prof. Kemal YUKSEK, Aviation Academy IATA Training Coordinator Recep CAGDAS, and Aviation Academy Marketing and Sales Specialist Süheyla OZTURK attended the conference. 

Mr. Yüksek, who gave a speech at the “Training Matters” panel on the first day of the conference, informed the audience about the recent developments in the field of training by shedding light on the topics of understanding of training and methodologies in Turkish Airlines. The panel also emphasized that training has a critical role in the success of companies and successful companies regard the training element as a part of their main strategies. 

In the conference where meetings were carried out with IATA authorities, the performance and the success of the Aviation Academy in 2016 within the scope of its IATA membership were also evaluated. Mr. YUKSEK stated that the Aviation Academy with its internationally approved trainings developed through advanced technology, has planned and is continuing to deliver 53 IATA trainings in 2016 and therefore should be regarded at a higher standing than just being an IATA customer.                                                                                                        

At the "Digital Marketing" session that brought together the participants on the second day of the conference, presentations on making a breakthrough in order to produce digital strategies and significant campaigns were made.

On the second day of the conference, the Aviation Academy team also visited the Emirates Airlines and made a presentation about the trainings provided by the Academy. On behalf of Emirates Aviation University, the Vice-Chancellor Prof. Ahmed Al ALI, Dean of Academic Services Abdul Nasser CHAKRA and Business Development Manager Robert JOHNSON attended the meeting in which the cooperation that will be built jointly was discussed.