"Civil Aviation Safety Awareness Training" was designed in order to ensure that overseas station managers working under the roof of Turkish Airlines are informed about national and international regulations and compliance monitoring and thereby contributing to the protection of civil aviation from illegal acts. The second training, the first of which had been given in January 2017, was held on 15th and 16th of February 2017 at the Turkish Aviation Academy in 15 Temmuz Lecture Hall.

The opening ceremony of the training was attended by the General Manager of Turkish Airlines Mr. Bilal EKŞİ, Director of Aviation Academy Mr. Kemal YÜKSEK, Director of Security Mr. Gökhan DÖRTKOL, Director of Ground Operations Mr. Ali AYKANAT and Director of Aviation Security Department of Directorate General of Civil Aviation Mr. Serdar KARABULUT.

The General Manager of Turkish Airlines Mr. Bilal EKŞİ who gave information about the training program and expressed the expectations of security from the overseas station managers said: "Security practices are an important issue that should be taken into account just as much as the technical safety of the aircraft. Trust should not prevent control. Of course we trust everyone, but this does not mean we will not pay attention to the environment. You need to listen carefully to the theoretical information and practices in this training and take your notes and then oversee the application of these in the field at the Atatürk Airport and ask lots of questions. Therefore, following this training the first task expected from you is to ensure that the airplane is assigned to flight securely, and secondly that it takes off on time".

The training continued with the presentation of Mr. Serdar Karabulut. Theoretical lectures took place on the first day and the training ended with the practical component at Ataturk Airport on the second day.