Aviation Academy, whose mission is to carry out the activities to meet the educational needs of aviation sector, has recently brought a new understanding to the educational process through its works in the field of information technologies. Academy continues to attract attention with developing innovative applications by expanding the variety of trainings it offers, and developing joint projects with various organizations. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality is one of the organizations that the Academy has initiated negotiations with, in order to carry out the beneficial works in the sector.

A committee including Ferrah ŞARMAN, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality- SVP HR and Training, Volkan ÇAKMAK, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality- Training Manager, visited the Academy on 25 Jan. 2015. The visitors, hosted by Associate Professor Kemal YÜKSEK, SVP Training, showed great interest in the training systems and modules developed by the Academy. Especially in the last two years, trainings and the systems produced by professional teams consisting of IT experts and instructors working for the Academy were demonstrated and the questions asked by the visitors were answered.

The most interesting part of the visit has been the demonstration of the FAAL System which is one of the most important systems produced by the Academy.  FAAL System has the ability to accelerate training processes, improve the entire educational process from planning to post-training and give the opportunity to the employees and managers to submit reports at any time, on almost any subject and with these abilities it is a solution partner for various organizations. E-learning trainings developed in the studio which was created by the Academy, and how these trainings were conducted were also explained.

The guests, who were informed in detail about all these new applications in the field of training, expressed their appreciation and shared their interest in integrating the related systems into their own training processes. In this regard, parties will come together in the future again for the continuation of the joint projects.