Training representatives of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and its associates visited the Turkish Aviation Academy at Yeşilköy campus on May 26, 2016. At the relevant meeting, UGETAM General Manager Serkan Keleşer, Vice General Manager Niyazi Fırat Eres, Training Manager Selim Say; İSKİ Training Manager Metin Yüksel; IETT Training Manager Abdülhamit Çetin and İBB Assistant of HR and Training Department Director Yunus İkiz, Vice Training Manager İsmail Çakır, Human Resources Coordinator Mustafa Bolat were hosted by Turkish Aviation Academy Director Assoc. Prof. Kemal Yüksek.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality is getting prepared to have a brand new training center having decided to gather all training centers under a single roof. The Municipality will take support from the Academy during the process of laying the foundations of this structure which is planned to be established with the name of “Istanbul Academy”. In this direction, the Academy will be guiding at the areas of assessing the training needs of the institution and preparing course syllabuses. Alongside with training formations, a collaboration work, at which training systems and methods are going to be integrated to the institution, has been officially started at the meeting.

Aviation Academy, which develops day by day with its up-to-date training contents and classroom or digital trainings it offers to the global market, especially in the recent years, plays a supporting role in the training and systems areas by collaborating with other institutions. Particularly, being able to give trainings in digital environment, independent of time and space, will contribute to the planning of human resources.