District governor of Bakırköy Mr. Adem ÖZTÜRK and Bakırköy district director of national education Mr. Emrullah AYDIN paid a visit to the Turkish Aviation Academy in Yeşilköy, on 12 December 2016 in order to get an insight on the Academy’s understanding of training and new implementations, as well as to initiate cooperation with the Academy.

During the meeting, Turkish Aviation Academy Director Assoc. Prof. Kemal YÜKSEK informed the visitors about the new projects, implementations, the changing understanding of training and the new training system of the academy. The Aviation Academy continues to expand the boundaries of training with its new methodology by keeping up with the developments in information technologies. Knowing that fully equipping the human resource in both the social and work areas is the means to the economic and cultural development of a nation, the Academy regards making its own contribution to this development as a responsibility. With this as a mission, the academy continues to support the development of the national and global aviation sector and to provide a wide range of trainings to this end.

With its understanding of training that has gone beyond the classic approaches of transferring information, the academy has been developing its methodology of training its learners through smart classes, e-learning and blended education since 2014. Thanks to this approach, the learners can request to receive the most up-to-date and standardised trainings that are designed to meet their needs through the academy’s digitalised platform. With this innovative, digitalised platform, the necessary trainings can be assigned to participants as part of the proactive training goals, too.

During the meeting with the district governor and district director, a principle agreement was reached for collaborative work in projects and social activities related to education, with a special focus on informing new generations about education in the aviation area.

The meeting ended with Assoc. Prof. Yüksek presenting appreciative gifts to the visitors on behalf of the Academy and a mutual agreement for cooperation, especially in the structuring of vocational training.