The officials of Namibia Ministry of Transportation, and the national flag carrier Air Namibia paid a visit to Turkish Aviation Academy on 07 Feb 2017. Deputy Transportation Minister of Namibia Mr. Sankwasa James SANKWASA and General Manager of Air Namibia Mr. Xavier MASULE were hosted by the Academy Director Assoc. Prof. Kemal YÜKSEK in his office located at the main building of the Academy.

With the Codeshare agreement signed between Air Namibia and Turkish Airlines on 6 Feb 2017, it is aimed to enhance travel options and trade volume. Within the scope of collaboration regarding “training projects”, which is one of the most important support elements of sectoral development, some strategic decisions were also taken. 

During the meeting, Academy Director Mr. YÜKSEK gave information to his guests about the trainings which were designed and brought to life, the production and implementation methods, and new projects. Besides, the scope of training support that will be provided to Air Namibia was evaluated. Mr. Yüksek, the Director of the Academy, whichhas made a great progress in the field of e-learning, classroom and blended trainings through the initiatives and collaborations made in the last 3 years, stated that they will give as much support as possible for the development of Air Namibia in the field of aviation trainings.

In the age in which we live, Turkish Aviation Academy, which produces digital blended trainings which direct and guide contemporary training sector depending on its own human resources and equipment and equip the staff of Turkish Airlines and the other airline companies with the skills they need in a more effective and productive way, plans to spread its training approach and content conveying this kind of methodologies to its partners. The meeting in which all the questions of the officials found some detailed answers constitutes the first step to future works both sides will do in collaboration.