Turkish Aviation Academy continues to meet with institutions and organizations in order to develop its commercial relations. In this context, Air Tanzania visited Turkish Aviation Academy at its campus in Yesilkoy on 18 May 2017 in order to get information about the Academy’s training approach and new applications as well as initiate collaboration works.

Air Tanzania Chairman of Board, Mr. Eng. Emmanuel KOROSSO, Air Tanzania General Manager, Mr. Ladislaus E. MATINDI and Commercial and Business Development Manager Mr. Edward D. NKWABI were hosted by Senior Vice President, Training, Assoc. Prof. Kemal YUKSEK in his office at the main Academy building.

Senior Vice President, Training, Assoc. Prof. Kemal YUKSEK and other Academy managers gave information to the visitors about new training projects, applications, trainings designed and put into practice, production and application methods. In addition, the scope of training support to be provided to Air Tanzania was evaluated. Mr. YUKSEK stated that the Academy will give the utmost support for the development of Air Tanzania in aviation trainings field.

E-learnings, classroom and blended trainings which dominate the training industry in the age we live in were presented to the visitors. Also, training programs that combine IATA’s global vision and experience in air carriage industry and Turkish Aviation Academy’s innovative perspective; and “Air Transportation Management Master Program”, which was initiated by Turkish Aviation Academy in collaboration with Istanbul Technical University were introduced.

Turkish Aviation Academy, which equips other aviation companies’ human resources to be more productive, aims to popularize original methodologies like these by transferring them to its collaborating institutions and organizations. The meeting in which the questions of the executives were answered in detail constitute the first steps of collaborative works between two parties.