“Industrial R&D and Technology Management Program” and “Engineering Business Management Master” programs which are initiated within the framework of cooperation of Turkish Airlines Aviation Academy with Yıldız Technical University and the University of Warwick continue in order for the professional development of managers and executive candidates of Turkish Airlines Inc. to provide maximum benefit to the Corporation.

To this end, Senior Vice President, Training, Assoc. Prof. Kemal YÜKSEK, Training Marketing and Sales Manager Mustafa DEMİRAK, Yıldız Technical University Vice Rector Dr. Galip CANSEVER and YTU External Relations Representative Dr. Ali Rıza BÜYÜKUSLU, the President and the founder of Warwick University (WMG) Prof. Lord Kumar BHATTACHARYYA and his team came together between the dates of 27-29 April 2017. The visit actualized by our Academy bears great significance as issues like the continuation and development of the existing cooperation were discussed.

Warwick University founded by Prof. Lord Kumar BHATTACHARYYA in 1980, is in connection with more than 500 companies and is a good example for University-Industry cooperation. Warwick University being the seventh best University in the UK and 51st in the World Ranking, has been rewarded with the most prestigious award, "Professorship in Manufacturing” by the Queen of England in 2016. In England, Professor BHATTACHARYYA is an active person not only in the university circles but also in politics. To this end, there are occasional meetings that he has with the British Prime Minister and the Queen of England.

The cooperation between institutions and universities in the construction for the future of the sector is undeniable.  Both parties at the meeting, which was held with this in mind, agreed that this and similar projects should be produced and supported.  Prof. BHATTACHARYYA expressed his satisfaction with the work done jointly with Turkish Airlines, a source of pride for our country, and has stated that the current cooperation is very valuable to them.  He stated that rather than the financial gain they attached a great deal of importance on the friendship and good associations. He announced that they would like to come to Istanbul for the signatures and meet with our Chairman and General Manager should the cooperation agreement be maintained.

The projects and practices carried out with the innovative perspective in the field of education by the Academy in the last few years were also discussed. The program enables managers and executive candidates to develop themselves through qualified trainings and offers effective master and doctoral programs that bring together expert staff and leaders in the aviation sector.